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Everyday Saints and Other Stories («Несвятые святые» и другие рассказы на английском языке)

Митрополит Тихон (Шевкунов)

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More than a million copies and several million electronic versions ol this book were purchased in less than a year after its release. Everyday Saints is the English translation of the work that has soared at the top of the bestseller lists in Russia since its publication in late 2011. Winner of several national awards including «Book of the Year», its readership spans philosophical boundaries. Surpassing all competition many times over, it was voted the most popular book in Russia for 2012.

Open this book and you will discover a wondrous, enigmatic, remarkably beautiful yet absolutely real world. Peer into the mysterious Russian soul, where happiness reigns no matter what life may bring. Page upon page of thanks, praise, and testimonies to the life-changing effect of these bright, good-hearted, and poignant tales have flooded the Russian media. This book has been the cause of many sleepless but happy nights: «I couldn’t put it down — was sorry when it ended» is the common reaction.

The book is being translated into ten different languages. This English translation, Everyday Saints, is every bit as charming as the original.

Translator’s Introduction – ix
Preface – 1
In the Beginning – 5
Pechory – 12
Ten Days: My First Tasks – 14
In Moscow – 22
Father John – 25
Archimandrite Seraphim – 51
Difficult Father Nathaniel – 57
Father Melchisedek – 73
Father Antippus – 81
The Caves – 87
Being a Novice – 93
How We Joined the Monastery – 107
A Story about People Like Us — Only 1,500 Years Ago – 113
Father Gabriel – 117
The Great Abbot Archimandrite Alipius – 141
Augustine – 163
What Was Happening in the Spiritual Realm at These Moments? – 191
The Theologians – 199
A Sermon Given on the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost, November 19, 1995 – 203
The Tale of the Prayer and the Little Fox – 209
Guardian Angels – 211
About One Holy Monastery – 215
The Most Beautiful Service of My Life – 217
Mother Frosya – 223
The True Story of Mother Frosya – 227
While Visiting Mother Frosya – 247
The Candle – 249
On the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, All the Water in the World Becomes Holy – 253
Father Awakum and the Religious Affairs Commissioner from Pskov – 257
The Black Poodle – 263
A Christian Death – 271
Marshal Zhukov’s Mother-in-Law – 281
Archimandrite Claudian – 287
Death of a «Stool Pigeon» – 291
Stories Like This Happen in Moscow Today – 295
Lyubov Timofeyevna Cheredova – 299
The Metropolitan’s Daughter – 303
How Bulat Became Ivan – 307
Father Nicholas’s Prediction about My Monasticism – 309
A Chapter that May Be Skipped by Readers Who Don’t Know Church History – 313
Exorcism – 317
A Sermon Given During a Service for the Taking of Monastic Vows in the Sretensky Monastery – 327
The Tale of the Prodigal Bishop – 331
The Relics of Patriarch Tikhon – 335
How Prince Zurab Chavchavadze and I Broke the Lenten Fast – 347
You Cannot Serve God and Mammon Both – 353
Yet Another Breaking of the Rules – 359
The Story of the Egyptian Cat – 363
Andrei Bitov – 367
His Eminence the Novice – 371
The Foolish Townsfolk – 401
Liturgy Is Served No More than Once Each Day on Any One Altar Table – 403
How We Bought Our Combines – 407
Vasily and Vasily Vasilyevich – 417
The Life, Amazing Adventures, and Death of Father Raphael, the Shouting Stone – 421
The Parish House in Lositsy and Its Inhabitants – 433
An Incident on the Road – 449
On Humility – 453
How Father Raphael Drank Tea – 461
Everyday Saints – 483

Купить книгу "Everyday Saints and Other Stories («Несвятые святые» и другие рассказы на английском языке)" митрополита Тихона (Шевкунова) с оптовой скидкой можно при заказе любых позиций на сумму от 10 000 рублей.

Митрополит Тихон (Шевкунов): Книги

Красочно иллюстрированная книга расскажет о том, что такое храм, что такое монастырь, что такое службы и таинства. Книга будет отличным познавательным пособием и для детей, и для взрослых, которые делают первые шаги в храме.
Издательство: Сретенский монастырь
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